Sunday, March 30, 2008

Green as Grass.

I'm jealous right now.

Not of any one individual, mind you. I'm not jealous that the new guy at work found $5 on the floor, or that someone brought a better lunch to work than me.

I'm jealous of the almost 21,000 people who get to see the Foo Fighters rock Gm Place tonight.

To see Dave and the boys live would be an amazing thing - and knowing that I'm not there (when it's so close yet so far away) is turning me green with envy.

Seriously, I'm almost Chartreuse over here.

I wish all those that could attend a good time. Know that I envy you, and that I'm counting on some form of Karmic retribution - it's what keeps me going.



  1. Anonymous2:27 am

    I touched his hand!!!!!!
    How jealous are you now!!!

  2. Jealous like you wouldn't believe.