Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Free The Hostage.

After recently having the opportunity to work on a couple of people's - I've decided I want a laptop.

Wanting and getting are two different things, though.

I'd like the freedom a laptop gives you. I wouldn't mind being able to play Poker & Blog while I'm in the living room. I seems a bit more social than being down the hall, secluded in my room. (If you have to ask how being on a computer is considered social, than you probably shouldn't be reading this Blog.)

I've also noticed that the measliest of laptops currently has more than twice the power of my desktop, even if they are shackled down by Vista. (I'm not a Vista hater, it just seems new and different.) It's not that I need tons of power to do what I do, but if it's there, I'd make use of it.

And darn it, they are just so pretty.

Problem is, every time I feel like spending money on myself, I choke. (This from the guy who waited two years to finally buy an HDTV.) I'm full of wants, but short on fulfilling those needs.

And so the scrimping and saving begins.

Oh look, I found a penny under the sofa.

Only 113,999 to go.


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  1. People who want a laptop are lured by this mythical freedom of gleefully working from the couch or deckchair. That's what the people in the commercials are doing.

    Reality hits hard. Talk to the guy who spent twice the normal cost of a computer just to get some powerless, frail little theft-magnet that always needs to be plugged-in anyway -- either to charge the battery or to get secure internet access.

    Unless you find yourself waiting for an airplane, boat or train more than once a month, you DO NOT need a laptop, and unfortunately you're fooling yourself that you need one. I say this as a laptop owner and long-time steady user of computers and maintainer of networks, who has an old and new laptop and just priced out a new desktop to replace his frail laptop. Even travelling 3-6 days out of 30 and working two computer-based jobs, I do not need a laptop.

    But go get your dell -- make it a dell if you must. In two years I'll be around to help price out your new desktop, and I can help immediately with a slim USB network device to use when you, like me, get your second unit from FShop to replace the blatantly DOA first unit, only to find the onboard NIC is busted and they claim you broke it.