Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drive Me Crazy.

Today I replaced the busted DVD Burner in my computer.

As technological switch-overs go, it's almost as easy as installing RAM. (Although I know about 15 people who can't even do that.)

Opening up the case is always a joy. Since it's close to Easter, I expected to be attacked by Dust Bunnies as I removed the side panel.

I wasn't disappointed.

I like to think I keep a clean house. There can't possibly be that much dust in the world, let alone my bedroom. (If anyone says the dust in my bedroom is from lack of use, you get a punch in the eye.)

I'd never have one of those computers with the window on the side. Knowing the dust is in there is enough for me, I don't have to watch it pile up. Plus, with my reoccurring OCD, I'd be tying cables off and re-lining the RAM on the motherboard. ("Honey, does that video card look straight to you?")

So I got the drive swapped out, and even did some cleaning up while I was in there. It cracks me up to think that Staples or Future Shop would charge someone around $50 (and take over an hour) to do what took me less than twenty minutes - even with cleaning out all the shit in there.

But the new drive works great, and I can resume my relentless copying and pirating of movies and music backing up of my most important files.



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