Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Smell Of Commerce In The Morning.

Today the Sidekick and I (with the kids) traveled south and visited our personal mecca - Future Shop.

I could waste about 3 hours in that store and not buy a single thing. (That would drive the clerks crazy.) I just like to look, dream, and occasionally indulge in a new DVD or two.

Today was not to be that day.

You see, my kids aren't as enamored with the 'Shop as I am. They like looking at all the stuff, but with an attention span measured in nanoseconds they get bored easily. Thus most of my time is spent making sure they stay out of trouble and don't destroy anything Daddy can't afford to pay for. Needless to say, not much time is devoted to looking around.

After we left, The Sidekick and I remarked that we'd have to set up a day when we can go to the 'Shop sans kids and/or SO's. (I know it sounds like a date but it's not. - Two grown men setting up a time to go to an electronics store and maybe coffee isn't gay - it may look it, but it isn't. Mmkay?) That way we can devote a reasonable amount of time to browsing and not shortchange ourselves.

Trips to Mecca don't happen every day, right?

It'll be a bittersweet day if our town ever gets a Future Shop. I'll enjoy the convenience, but I think the magic and excitement will not be the same. It won't be a treat, and just be another common occurrence.

And that would be a shame.


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