Friday, February 22, 2008

Odorous Chapeau.

See the hat to the right?

It's exactly like the one I wear to the gym. (Don't mind the Bulldog - I'm not trying to make a statement - it was in a discount bin.)

As I stated here and here, I'm a sweater. To solve the problem of it running into my yes and ears, I wear the hat. It acts like a sweatband, but without looking totally gay. Thus I enjoy my workout without having to wipe my face every five minutes and just throw it into my gym bag when I'm done.

And therein lies the problem.

The hat has taken on a life of it's own.

I've aired it out, ( a bit) but it's continued use and oft-forgotten confinement in my gym bag has left it with a certain aroma. (Why do I remember to do my gym laundry but forget the hat's in there?) I'm in a conundrum as to what to do about it. I need it, but what's the point of looking buff and sexy when you've got a fetid odor emanating from your head.?

What's the best way to deal with this?
  • Suck it up and buy a new hat, cheapo.
  • Wash it, possibly ruin it, and buy a new hat.
  • Pray for divine guidance - hope Jesus returns with a new lid for me.
  • Get one of those gay, wash-your-hat-in-the-dishwasher things - and feel like less of a man.
  • Dangle these from my ears.
  • Ignore it, and hope it will go away. (The correct man-thing to do.)
  • Stop wearing the hat, and look like I'm melting every time I'm on the rowing machine.
None of them seem like excellent solutions.

I'm airing it out tonight, and I'll maybe wave the Febreze bottle at it before I go to sleep. Barring inspiration, I'll decide what to do after that.

But if your at the gym, an catch a whiff of gorgeous man-odor - it's either me on the treadmill - or I left my hat behind.



  1. freeze it. Kills smelly germs. Then you start fresh.

    Or just wash it. I mean, dood, you got it in the $2 bin. Those bins hold more than one, you know!

  2. Of course, I should take the empty-net goal before the period ends.

    Smelly Hat, Smel-ly Hat,
    What have you been sitting-on?
    Smelly Hat, Smel-ly Hat,
    It's not your fau-ault.
    -- NO apologies to 'Friends'

    WV: UCKEMGD, which was *really* close.