Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You Tube Failed Me.

Anytime I've needed a clip to make a point, YouTube was there.

Anytime I wanted to post something you'd all chuckle at, YouTube was there.

Anytime I wanted a clip of a guy getting whacked in the nuts or funny animals humping, YouTube was there.

But today it failed me.

I was looking for a clip from Delirious - about how it might be if a black man was President, (obvious Obama reference, even though Eddie meant Jesse Jackson at the time.)and what did YouTube have?


Sure, I could have had a clip of him singing "Hymietown", but that wouldn't have done me any good. I even went to some of those other video sites to see what they had, and there's nothing out there.

So instead of a relevant and witty post about Barack Obama, I leave you with one of my favorite clips from Delirious.

Eddie - you were great - before all the Dr. Doolittle's, Daddy Day Cares, and The Klumps, you were actually really funny.


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