Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Lost Short Round's Head.

I envy today's children.


Because they get cool shit like this. Indiana Jones Lego. Is that not the coolest fucking thing ever?

When I was a kid, Lego sucked balls. (Not real balls - if it did, I'd have a fonder memory of it.) You only had three colors, maybe some wheels, and everything you made looked like shit. Sure, you could make a plane, but it looked like something the Wright brother's dog threw up. And for some reason every hat for my Lego men disappeared. It takes away from the illusion if you can see the Lego name stamped on top of your hero's pointy yellow head. (Why was every Lego guy Asian? What was up with that?)

I wonder if they have all the characters. I'd like the Temple of Doom set - where Mola Ram rips that peasant's heart out and casts it into the flames. Or the Plane Fight set - when Indy kicks that big Nazi into the propeller. Too much to ask?

The cool thing is, my son wants it. I just have to find some way to contrive a reason to get it for him.

I hope all the boxes look like this .

That would be too much to hope for.


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