Monday, February 11, 2008


Tomorrow is going to be a tricky day.

See, I'm not only the Dairy Manager at work, I'm also the pro-temp IT guy. They like to have me around whenever anything "newfangled" and "digital" needs to be dealt with. This can be anything from debit machines to setting up the network. I enjoy it, and they do reward me nicely.

But tomorrow is tricky because I have to to a couple of things:
  1. Upgrade a shitty computer that they have,
  2. Setup the network in the Main Office.
  3. Install, hook up to the network, and test the new debit terminals,
  4. Make sure to explain in simple terms what I did so they can understand.

The last one is the worst part.

Trying to explain to people that you can't just "put the disk in and everything is magically ok."is almost infuriating. They seem to think that I can get all of this done in about an hour ( I laughed at that part) and that it's all going to work wonderfully the first time. (Can you tell they've never done anything with computers before?) I'm also not at my regular location, all this is at the other store - so it's not like I can just stop and check on my stuff if need be.

But I'll get it done - and look like a genius in the end.

It's just going to be maddening, that's all.

I can deal.



  1. Ah, yes. It's the LanParty effect, really -- no equipment will work perfectly when it's orignally set up. We just finished a Unix course at the zoo, and of 12 machines set up by the vendor, tested and shipped onsite, we had 6 - SIX - working on Game Day out of the box. And this a full network, laptops and cabling and server, set up perfectly and shipped in roadie boxes.

    You haven't a hope. Take in 4L of water, lock the door and physically threaten anyone who comes near. Otherwise, bring a tend because you'll be there all night.

  2. a NON-idiot would've written TENT there, or at least seen it on like 5 proofs. I suck. Don't ask me to help you put together networks -- I dunno if I can do either job right now.

  3. Saddle that with a call to a help desk in a third world country - he could have helped with my DNS problem, but I would have had to milk his goat in trade.

    It all works, anyway - and that's what counts.