Saturday, February 16, 2008

Aren't What They Used To Be.

If it wasn't for Spellcheck, I'd look like a retard.

My typing skills have gone way down lately. I'm making mistakes that would shame even The Sidekick. (Sorry Bro, I had to use you as an example people could relate to.)

If I was to just type and post an entry without Spellcheck and proofreading, you would all think that one of the kids had got online and was banging away at my keyboard. That or I had a seizure mid-post.

But is it my hands or my brain that's slipping?

I could probably take the loss of one or the other, but not both.

We'll see how it progresses, but if I start Video blogging, then you know it's the hands that have gone. (If I start talking about Port Alberni all the time, you'll know it's the brain.)


1 comment:

  1. So are ya gonna correct the error in boldface on the last post?

    I think our declining ability to write English is more a symptom of the gradual loss of personal independence, really: We're not trying so hard.

    But is is related to our new desire to fill all those user-content sites like facebook, regardless of the quality, just so it's not empty?

    So, really, which is it? Are we lazy or are we rushed? I think, either way, the end result is the same: crappy content.

    When J can hear a national radio station say Emails, and six times in one hour, then I know we've lost the ability to critically assess what we're writing or saying anyway. Just wait for 'then' to be the proper link for comparison (different then, smarter then) as decreed by the unwashed masses, and we need never correct what used to be errors.

    Hawt Potatoe.