Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Just One More Question..."

I'm not a huge fan of surveys.

I get invites from my phone company, my credit cards, my bank, and many others to participate in the picking of my brain, hoping they can glean out what makes me do the things that I do.

Good Fucking Luck.

I never answer phone surveys, but every once in a while I'll participate in an online one. Sometimes I like to fuck with the system and answer a survey like I was someone else.

I just answered a Telus survey like I was a young drag queen.

I told them I don't care what time of day the repairman comes by, as long as he's wearing those tight denim shorts. I said the most important scheduling aspect of any repair service was the astrological alignment of the plants Jupiter and Uranus. I also sid I made all my cellular choices based on what my cat says.

I hope they get a lot of useful information from all that.

Worse case scenario is that some gay guy from Telus looks me up for "follow up information."

Then I'll just give them The Sidekick's name.


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