Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fit To Be Thai'd

Went out for dinner last night.

The suggestion was made for Thai food.

Now, I know of Thai food, but next to Lipton Sidekicks Thai Curry Noodle and the occasional deli Thai Salad, I've never really eaten it.
(Probably due to the fact that I like Hot and Spicy, and The Wife does not.)

So we went to the local (meaning: only) Thai restaurant in town, and after ordering, I waited apprehensively for my first taste of real Thai cuisine.

I think I'm in love.

The food was fantastic. Flavorful, spicy, wonderful aromas and textures. (I even enjoyed the import Thai beer The Sidekick suggested - we all now how his usual recommendations turn out.) I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.

I overate like it was my last meal - and it was worth every bite.

I think I'll do it again - in moderation - another time. Too much of a good thing makes me a chubby boy.

I'm off to the gym to burn off the calories from last night. But when I burp, and taste Ganeg Paneg, it'll be worth it.


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