Friday, February 01, 2008

Smug Satisfaction.

At the Gym, I'm a pretty quiet guy.

I don't chat with anyone, I leave people alone, and I do my workout and leave. I might talk to the gym staff as I'm signing in and out, but I'm there to sweat, not to socialize.

With the contest going on, It's busy in there - most days the cardio machines are packed and you have to take what you can get. I see the same people in there almost every day. I know that some of them are in the program as well, but I don't make it a point to advertise that I'm the competition.

There's two guys that drive me nuts. They walk around and talk to almost everyone in the gym, especially if they are females. They circle the fat ladies on the treadmills like vultures looking for an after-carcass snack. I know they are in the contest because I heard them bugging one of the front counter girls about the weigh-in times. It's amazing that they accomplish anything at all because they stop their cardio workout about 15 times in 20 minutes to chat to the person next to them or make some inane comment to the staff who walk by. I just turn up my iPod and ignore them.

But today was a great day - both these shmucks were getting weighed in right before me. And although the results are confidential, they were chatting about how they did. Retard #1 was shocked that he'd only lost one pound, and retard #2 was frustrated that his wasn't much better. Both these guys fucked up their initial weigh-ins, so there first week numbers looked great - almost ten pounds each. (To bad it doesn't last.)

They realized that I was in the competition when they saw me head into the scale room after them. I got my results and went straight to my workout - I had to get it in before work . While I'm on the elliptical, retard #1 strolls by and asks me how my weigh-in went. I told him it went great and that I was down five pounds. He asked if that was my total so far and I said no, last week I lost six - so now I'm at eleven total. His only comment?

"Geez, I workout a lot harder than you and I only lost a pound."

Excuse me?
I ignored that comment.

Still, it was great to see the look of shock on his face when he realized that I'd lost more than him - it made my progress so far that much more satisfying.

But I'm going to bury that fucker on the scale next week.


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