Monday, February 18, 2008

I Feel....

  1. Confused - I'm not sure who pisses me off more: The drivers in this town or the pedestrians. When I'm driving I want to smack them all, preferably with the hood of my car.
  2. Elated - When you flip over Quad 8's and win a bunch of your money back.. Oh God, yes.
  3. Frustrated - If you've ever tried to dress a two-year old that "wants to do it himself", you know what I'm talking about.
  4. Amazed - That my tubby ass can finally fit into jeans I wore eight months ago.
  5. Disbelief - Really, I can't believe the jeans fit.
  6. Depressed - I really wanted HDDVD to win the format war. It's not that I hate Sony, it's just the spelling of "Blu" in Blu-Ray really pisses me off.
  7. Irritated - That people who have no idea how a computer functions think it's okay to just "click around". Would you stick your hand into a running car engine to just "feel around"? Now I have to make the drive and fix that shit, retard.
  8. Perplexed - That I haven't done an "I Feel" list in so long, yet I still struggle to have 10 things to list. (I guess the mind is starting to slip.)
  9. Exhausted - It's tiring being this great. You have no idea how much energy it takes to be this fabulous. (And I mean fabulous in the "phenomenal" sense - not the "gay" sense.)
  10. Minty - 'Cause this gum is the fucking greatest.


1 comment:

  1. Oh my god: Vanilla Ice Gum.

    Word to ya' mola'.