Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Tragic Demise Of The Double Folded Bag.

When I was doing my Front Counter Service training at The Arches (oh so many years ago) there was one thing that was relentlessly drilled into our young teen-aged minds.

It's all about Presentation, baby.

When you handed that bag to the customer, be it over the counter or through the window, it had better be double folded and the logo should face the customer. Not only were you handing them their food, you were presenting them a branded package that was also going to keep whatever they had ordered in it's best shape for the journey. The double fold was like a magic insulator that helped to keep the burger warm and the fries golden brown.

Ah, The good 'ol days.

I wonder what happened to them.

Standards must have slipped, because whatever food service place I go to now they just seem to crumple the bag and hand it to you. They no longer care about the final look of the product. Once they have your cash they forget about closing the deal. They don't even care if the food stays hot - I've had food handed to me in a wide open bag, with all the precious heat and moisture venting out the top. (The meal would have been lost if it wasn't for my considerable folding skills.)

I long for the days when presentation mattered and people had pride in the product they served. The loss of the Double Fold may not seem like much, but it's a fearsome harbinger of what is to come.

- And it has to be a fold.
Rolling the top of the bag? That's just fucking lazy.


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  1. It was just /sad/ for a while there: they'd hand it to you, compeletely open, like the Birthday Girl does up the happy meals. What, so you could check it right fucking there, hold up the entire line and ensure that the no-mind dweeb at the til didn't mess it up? Don't they just put those people in drive-thrU ?

    (hit the Timmys on the last trip out. I said "Mom, don't do the DT: they screw you around in the DT." What happens? Our half-choco half-cake Timbits order became a neapolitan pack heavy on the jelly and cherry. Ugh.)