Friday, February 16, 2007

The Show Still Goes On...

I'm tired of Anna Nicole.

I feel bad that she passed away, and the tragic circumstances of her death and what she has left behind is saddening.

But enough already.

We (the General Public) don't need to know every single detail or every single moment. What is going on with her body? Let me know when they bury her. The paternity scandal in regards to her new baby? Put out a blurb in the paper when it's all said and done.

I don't need to see this shit, or have to sit through it to see some real news. (I'm looking at you CNN.) I get home tonight and flip the news on to see what is happening in the world, and CNN has some guy on explaining how they are going to embalm Anna's body. Why do we as a people need to know this?

I'm sure that James Brown's will, estate and history were just as fucked up as Anna Nicole's. It wasn't all over the news on a 24-hour basis, though. I theorize that there are a few different reasons for this:
  • James Brown didn't have 38"DD tits.
Okay, I only came up with the one.

But the world as we know it loves a train wreck, and from what I glimpse while trying to find real news, this one is a doozy. The media is going to drag this one out for a long time.

Wake me when it's over.



  1. the hyper-fixation of news reports will not get better; it'll only get worse, and I'll bet this will be the trend for a while.

    News programmes show us not what they consider to be news, but what will sell advertising. Their critical mistake was - after CNN launched - paying attention to their viewer numbers. That began the long slide into a world which cares only about viewership and, therefore, how to 'package' what's hot this week to capitalize on what they think is going to generate more ad revenue via their coverage of the buzz topics.

    The problem is, we don't see any non-buzzy news any longer. How can we the viewers reward the decent shows with our viewership? If a good news programme were to come on, it'd be the Beeb via satellite; no, really, the news broadcasts on all the regular channels are really done.

    The critics of the current political muppet show in the states is fond of suggesting that the republicans use programmes like these to draw attention away from their train wreck of a management fiasco. it used to be the case, but now it's an easy coincidence. They've changed their ways; right.

  2. there ya go

  3. That pretty much hit the nail right on the head.

    I hate to say it, but he said what I wanted to, only much better.