Saturday, February 17, 2007

Return Policy

I sometimes think that dealing with the public is to much for me. The human race as a whole is getting more insipid and ignorant, and I'm starting to lose my sunny outlook and positive demeanor.

Take tonight for instance. I have a customer come in tonight to return a product. No problem right? A customer service specialist's dream.
  • The product was not in any packaging - original or otherwise.
  • He didn't have a receipt, till tape, debit slip, nothing.
  • He didn't have anything identifying the product as being bought from us.
  • He was also rude from the start.
I politely inform him that without any proof of purchase or even any packaging, there is nothing that I can do for him.

He then proceeds to tell me that it's bullshit that he drove all the way here and that I won't do anything for him. I told him it's not that I won't do anything, it's that I can't do anything. I would love to help him if he had any proof of purchase, anything at all. Heck - if he would have shown me that he had spent any money at the place I would have helped him. But to just hand out stuff without anything to show my bosses is against company policy.

He then stormed off in a huff.

I don't think I was unreasonable, and trust me, I am way more polite in person than the above testimony sounds. I was following company policy. Name one retailer that you can go to without a receipt or even a package that'll give you your money back. I can't think of any. It just doesn't happen that way.

But people who refuse to see the other side of that issue are what frustrate me. The guy tries to make me feel like an ass just for doing my job. Listen buddy, if you would have stopped and thought for thirty seconds before you got into your car, we would be having a much nicer conversation.

It's not my fault you are retarded. Blame God for that.

Next, please. (Big Fake Smile™)


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