Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hard Times.

It's tough to be an Avalanche fan right now.

This team is usually well on the winning side of .500 at this time of the year, and well on their way to securing a solid playoff berth.

But due to inconsistent goaltending and periodic injury, it's been a rough year for my Avs. I'm starting to think they won't make the playoffs. I still think that they can do it, but I do have my doubts.

I just finished watching them lose to the Canucks. Being an Avs fan in B.C. is like being a leper in a nudist colony. I don't mind them losing so much, but does it have to be to Vancouver? I took enough heat from the rabble around here over the Steve Moore incident, do I have to get it this year?

People love to see the mighty fall, and I've found out that they like to kick you when you are down as well.

But revenge will be sweet, I tell you. The Avs are going to pull their shit together down the stretch, Theo's going to be a wall in between the pipes, and come playoff time heads are going to roll.

You just wait and see...

But I'm not putting money on it.


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