Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So I'm doing my taxes.

I do them by hand, with a pencil and calculator. My taxes are pretty basic stuff, no outrageous deductions or shady loopholes. (Although trying to claim a Swedish Nanny as an "Entertainment" deduction has crossed my mind.)

The Government and I have a good thing going. Every year I do my taxes, and they send me money. I then take this money and use it to pay off other debt. Sometimes I even use it to by an RRSP. (Oh no! Thinking about the Future!)

I have been tempted in the past to use those fancy software programs to do my work for me, but in the end I always have my trusty pencil. It doesn't have to be upgraded, requires little maintenance, and the software running it (while out of date) still runs well on the old machine. Plus I can use the pencil to scratch that itch in the middle of my back. Try and do that with your computer.

I've got to get back to filling out these forms.
The quicker I send them in, the sooner I get my fat Government cheque.

Now lessee....carry the 2 and divide by 6.25...
Forty Million Dollars? I think I must have missed something....


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