Thursday, February 15, 2007

Needs More Riboflavin.

I've been trying to (somewhat) watch what I put into my body lately. I've been avoiding the more refined and processed foods and trying to watch the sugars and stuff that I ingest.

(Don't even talk to me about Donuts. They are a once-in-a-while treat that I have to have. They are what prevents me from going mad and stabbing people. It's either them or smoking again.)

Have you ever really looked at an ingredients list?

Working where I do, I get to see them all the time.

It scares me how some people are oblivious to serving sizes when reading ingredients. They seem shocked when they see a can of soup with 1009 grams of sodium per serving. Tell them that a can is two servings and then you see their jaw drop.

They actually believe that the numbers the company is showing them is the whole truth. The numbers are right, but check out the average serving size. That bag of chips? About 12 servings.
(Once again - Donuts are above the law when it comes to serving size. )

Take a look at a Hungry-Man Dinner - boasting "Over a pound of food!" it's 455 grams - 1 gram over a pound. They aren't technically lying, but they are counting on people's ignorance and gullibility.

Thank God I haven't been eating any of that crap.

So I take a little longer to pick stuff up at the store now, and I'm usually seen squinting at some can or package. But in the end (and around the waist) it's all worth it.


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  1. The Hungry Man Breakfast is the absolute best: It's got like 3 days of sodium in there, a day and a half of calories and a small white-trash kid worth of fat.

    It's awesome. It's like the atom bomb of food: greed, lust, gluttony AND sloth, in that order -- it may even be wrath, which makes it 2 dwarves short of a disney movie. I can hear my alimentary system cowering in fear as I get near.

    And one day, just once, I will bring it one sunday morning for a comparison with a Joey Breakfast.