Monday, February 12, 2007

Old Reliable

In this world of FoodTv, haut cuisine and celebrity chefs, I'm astounded to see how many people still get down with the ol' Mac & Cheese.

At Work I witness it's power on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if it's frozen, deli made, or straight from the box, people eat the stuff like it's the food of the Gods.

I can't stand it myself.

I have eaten it in the past, but only as a means of last resort. Believe it or not, the few times I have had to eat it, I prefer the box stuff over any-one's homemade. (I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings Mom, but it's the truth.) People add strange shit to their homemade stuff, and that makes it even more unbearable.

I've seen people try to camouflage it's taste as well. Dump ketchup on it, add diced tomatoes to it, put cut up hot dog in there, whatever works. My question is: Why? If it tastes so shitty, why are you eating it in the first place? And suck it up, it's a box of macaroni, not filet mignon. Don't bother trying to dress it up.

And I can say that it's not a class thing, either. I've seen poor people holding a box and looking at it like it was the finest meal they are going to have, and right behind them is an obviously loaded guy buying half a case. It takes all kinds.

I'm sure it must just be a matter of convenience. A quick and easy meal that you can just choke down.
Please don't tell me people eat it for the taste.

I don't think I can take the thought of that.


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