Friday, February 02, 2007

From Hero To Zero.

I used to be fat for a reason.

It's not like I'm skinny as a rail now, but I'm way less than I used to be.

When I lost all that weight (about 3 years ago) the main thing I did was change my diet. The biggest change to my eating and drinking habits was to stop drinking pop. I was a mass consumer of Vanilla Coke. (Fuck all you haters - Vanilla Coke was Good.) All that sugar went straight to my chubby ass.

As soon as I cut out the pop, I started dropping the pounds.

I enjoyed pop, and I did miss it. The worst thing was to have to drink Diet Coke. It was the only available sugar free cola at the time, (Don't you dare call Pepsi a cola - that's just wrong.) but drinking Diet Coke was like having someone piss in your mouth while stealing your money. I hated the aftertaste. When they released Diet Coke with Lime I was able to stomach a little bit, mainly because the Lime taste covered up that horrible flavor.

But there was no alternative to "real" pop. I would watch people chug down gallons of Coke with a strange mix of lust and rage. I just couldn't go back to that sugary syrup, no matter how awesome it looked.

That's when I discovered Coke Zero. I've liked it since I've tried it, and it's a great alternative to drinking Diet Coke. No Sugar, no calories, but there is flavor. People either love it or hate it, so it's almost the same as when I drank Vanilla Coke.

The other thing I've noticed is that I always check out the sugar and calorie contents of everything I drink now. I never would have done that four years ago. If something looks good but is full of sugar, I'll stay away. I've even turned down Beer on the odd occasion, so it goes to show you that not only have I lost weight, but my mind as well.

Please don't talk to me about the caloric content of my Tim Horton's coffee. I don't want to know, and until they have a Tim Horton's Zero, I ain't giving it up.


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