Sunday, February 25, 2007


I was told today that when anyone asks how you are doing, you should reply with "I'm Perfect."

The reason?

They tell me that the simple projection of confidence and self assurance will make you appear perfect and in essence command perfection from your life.


I can go around and tell people how perfect I am and they wouldn't believe a damn word I said. (I know, I've tried.) How can you say you are perfect when you obviously aren't? What if you just had a shitty day, were late for work, and someone stole the seat off your bike? Will telling relative strangers that you are perfect make you on time and put the seat back on ?

I didn't think so.

I think that toning it down a little may be in order. You don't have to be honest and say that life sucks, but just aim a little lower - say "aight". (At least the ghetto white kids will know you're okay.) It's not to high and it's not too low. No one can be Perfect all the time.

As for me?

I've said before that I tell people I'm perfect, but that is only true 98% of the time.
The other 2%?
That's when I'm losing at Poker.


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