Monday, February 19, 2007

Dropping The Ball.

I don't make mistakes often.

At work, that is.

I'm actually pretty good at my job. I'm on-time, organized, responsible, quick thinking and able to adapt. (I'm like a dream resume poured into bone and sinew.)

Which is why it bugs me so much to have not one, but two errors pointed out to me. One was something I forgot to do, and the other was a miscommunication on my part which resulted in some confusion for other people.

Oh, the woes of perfection.

I'm harder on myself than anyone else could be. There were no repercussions because some of the people I work with were flabbergasted that I actually made a mistake. It was chocked up to "You must have just had an off day - that's not like you." (See what I mean about how good I am?) I did accept full responsibility and admit fault. That is so unlike me. (The admitting fault part.)

But I shook it off and finished my tasks.
Tomorrow is another day, after all.

....And it's my day off.


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