Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today seemed to be a day of questions.

It felt like everyone wanted to know my opinion on every little thing.

It's tricky - some people you can be brutally honest with because there is no cost to you. If you hurt their feelings with your opinion, it doesn't affect you at all. Then there are the ones you can be honest with, but have to watch how you say it so that nothing impacts you negatively. (Most of the time this is just simple tact.)

The best opinions are from a third party.
You may think you are hot, your wife/girlfriend/whatever may think you are hot, but it's catching that strange girl on the street checking you out that makes it all come together.

I did my best and phrased my opinions well.

Now where is my Consultant's Fee?
Xtra-Large, Three Cream - One Sweetener, please.
And throw a Cruller in there for the hell of it.


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