Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Caught A Bolt Of Lightning..."

"Cursed the day he let it go." - Nothingman - Pearl Jam.

Last week the Sidekick had a present for me.

It was only right that he would give me a gift. I had just lost to him at Poker (a rare occurrence), and by my accounting, he owed me something.

He had just purchased the Official Bootleg of the Pearl Jam concert we went to on September 2, 2005. All 29 songs in glorious digital sound.

I hadn't really had time to listen to it until tonight.

It brought me back to the moment that converted me. The raw sound, the energy and intensity - it was all there. I could almost taste the beer. The only way I could replicate the exact moment would be to find the highest seats as far away from my stereo as possible. (The Sidekick knows what I'm talking about.)

If anyone else has a chance I suggest they go and purchase it right away. (Yes, I said purchase - who'd a thunk it?) If you listen closely, I think you can hear the Hetro-Life-Mate and I screaming our heads off.

Good Times.


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