Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wanna Screw?

I received a gift today that both puzzled and enraged me.

I was helping my parents move, and my Dad presented me with the aforementioned gift. He had sorted through his tools while packing, and had made up a couple of toolboxes for the Twin and I. (I have tools, but I'm not going to turn down something that means a lot to my Dad.) My toolbox was full of screwdrivers.

I'm not going to complain about my Dad's gift - it was great. The thing that puzzled and infuriated me is that this is probably the fifth set of screwdrivers I've been given in the last two years.

It made me wonder - why do people see fit to give me screwdrivers? Is there something about me that just screams,"If this guy needed one tool - it would be a screwdriver."? I've got screwdrivers with lights on them, multi-bit screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers, you name a gimmick tool for turning screws - I probably have it.

I don't think I project that image. If you walk into my house there aren't a lot of loose light-switch covers or creaky cupboards. I do run a tight ship. ( I have all these screwdrivers, after all...) So what is it about me that makes people view me this way? Why screwdrivers? Why not circular saws? Or sanders?

And it's a hand tool - like I can't be trusted with electricity.

I thanked my Dad, but I won't use these tools. I'll hold on to them- to give to my boy - and I'll teach him to say "No Thanks, I've got a set." Or else to trade all his other sets for something with some juice.


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