Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starbucks and The Middle-Aged Man.

Every time I walk into a Starbucks I feel like I'm trespassing.

I'm almost acutely aware that I might not be hip enough to be in there. I'm worried I'm going to get called on it, and that I'll be asked to leave so that my inner un-hipness doesn't contaminate the store. (I could run out to the car and grab a Dave Matthews CD to prove myself, right?)

I think that's why Starbucks now has a drive-thru. It's so people like me, who like their coffee - don't have to violate the "inner sanctum" of urban coolness just to get my Venti White Chocolate Mocha.

As the Sidekick and I walked into Starbucks last night, I noticed the looks from some of the other patrons of the store. (Early-20 debutantes) They were either checking us out, or questioning the validity of our presence in what is clearly their domain. (I prefer to think the former - but I'm not going to kid myself.)

Starbucks is a place where people go to watch other people. There's coffee there, but it's not really the main reason people are at the site. Coffee just keeps you alert so your judgement senses are fully tuned in to examine the next patron that comes through the door.

Plus the Frappuccino give me brain freeze. I haven't had brain freeze since I was ten years old.
No wonder the Debutantes were looking - it's not everyday you see a middle-aged guy holding his head and wincing his way through a icy beverage.

I still think they were checking me out, though.


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