Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clean Up Time.

Of all the things I hate cleaning up, I think I hate cleaning my computer the most.

I go through it about every two months, and delete or burn to disc those items that I deem worthy of keeping or discarding. It's an arbitrary process, with no set standard. I've found a couple of times that I've gone looking for something only to discover that I deleted it the week before.

As bad as software is - cleaning the hardware is worse.

I never cared much about dust until I got a computer. I don't think anyone really cared about it before, either (except for allergy sufferer's) but now dust, and the clogged fans and intakes that come with it are the scourge of the computing world. Isn't it wonderful that we make a machine that is so sensitive to dust and dirt and set it right on the floor? (Oh, I envy you laptop users.)

So I'll tidy up this beast and move on to another domestic task. That laundry doesn't fold itself.

Quick Thought: Pledge does a great job at keeping dust off my tables and bookcases - do you think my motherboard would like it?


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