Monday, July 30, 2007

Lounge Chair.

In the past I used to be able to read when-and-wherever the mood struck me. If I wanted to read by moonlight on the back deck - so be it. It didn't matter that it was bad for my eyes, it was good for the soul.

Now that I have children to watch my reading time has been cut down considerably. It's hard to have your nose in a book when you've got to supervise what they are doing. I don't even bother to try.(Plus playing with them is pretty fun after all.)

Even if you don't have to keep an eye on them, it's tough. Just try reading with a two or four-year old around. My kids love books so much that they climb all over me just to see what I'm reading. (They are always surprised that it's not a Disney Book and that there aren't any pictures.)

I still read in bed - always have. But some days I'm so tired that I can't force myself to stay awake, not even if it is a really good book.

Thus we turn to my last bastion of literary solitude - the toilet.

I'll admit - I've read more of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while in the bathroom than in any other room in my house. It's almost the only place that you can get away from any distractions or disturbances. (It's still difficult, as The Boys will try to infiltrate The Fortress of Solitude any way they can.) I'm not sure if J.K. Rowling would be impressed with my seating arrangements, but it's the best I have at the moment.

Don't start thinking that I spend all my time in there. I am quite a fast reader, after all. I'm making good time on the book, and the only one I can thank for that is my colon. ("Keep it up down there! We'll tackle War & Peace next!")

I've got to go - I think I'll put a fresh roll in there and see if I can soften the lighting a little bit.... This next chapter's really shaping up.


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