Saturday, July 07, 2007

@#$^%! Blogger!

Blogger is starting to piss me off.

First, I haven't been able to setup a poll since my last one expired. It's not that it won't let me - it's not even a choice in the"Page Elements" section anymore. Don't tease me with shit like that, Blogger, 'cause I swear, I'll cut you.

It's taking me ages just to start a post. For some Godforsaken reason, it won't let me enter a title for my blog. It's like it doesn't want me to be any more descriptive.

Eventually I do get to enter a title, and then when I check my list of posts, I have the same title entered three times! I think the Internet is possessed, and it's portal to Hell is through Blogger's servers. (I think that's the only reasonable explanation.)

So I'll sit here with my Holy Water, ready to splash on my monitor next time I want to post.

Light a candle for me, will ya?


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