Sunday, July 15, 2007

Team Molasses

I can't stand working with people who have only one speed.

I'm able to socialize and have fun at work because when needed, I have the ability to work just a little bit faster and get caught up on anything that I may be behind schedule on. I can also organize myself effectively, and make sure to set aside enough time to finish what I have to do.

Not everyone can do that, as I've learned today.

Normally I don't notice it too much, a but today I was working with three people who I find abysmally slow at their jobs. (I'd almost love to shove them aside and show them how it's done, but then they would be doing even less work.) On a regular day, there's usually a faster employee working who kinda covers it, but today the lack of speed was noticeable.

There's not much else I can do but urge them to be faster. (Lord, I miss the days of being in charge of firings.) I've tried coaching and encouragement, but it seems that the biggest downfall they have is age and attitude. (Do you think a pen in the eye would cure the attitude part?)

I buried my frustrations into a hard little ball, which I then forced, down,down,down into the pit of my stomach. After that I felt much better. I don't have to work with that same combination for a while, and I'm going to see what I can do to prevent having to work with them at all.

Thank God it was only one day.


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