Friday, July 06, 2007

Dear B.C. Lottery Corporation:

I don't like you very much anymore.

I used to play your games and contests occasionally, and always seemed to do well. I would at least make what I put into it, and sometimes even a little extra.

But lately I find that you seem to have forgotten about me. I rarely win anything anymore, and when I do it seems to be a pittance. I feel that when I do get lucky at one of your contests, it's like the lotto equivalent of a mercy fuck. You're only doing it to keep me around, and hoping I'll score big - "like in the old days".

It seems like the only people who win now are large groups or really old people. What's the point of having an 80 year old guy win 20 million dollars? He'll only be around for another 5 years or so - if the shock of winning doesn't kill him first. Then you have all the relatives fighting over the inheritance. It's a nasty business, really.

Well I'm tired of it.

I think we need some time apart - I feel like my money would be better spent on DVD's or maybe keeping my caffeine addiction in check. (You know - things that make me better as a person.)

Tomorrow's draw will be my last purchase for a while. I figured I'd give you one last chance before I called it quits. (I also had the ticket already, so I'm kinda stuck with it.) Should you see fit to give me the jackpot, I might see my way to buying some more tickets, but otherwise .... we're taking a break.


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