Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spherical Condensation.

I don't know everything.

There are a few subjects that I am well versed in.

Let me tell you about one of them.

Ball Sweat.

It been a long, humid day at the ol' jobsite. I've been busting my ass, working real hard, and even had to get on a ladder and fix some stuff on top of a refrigeration unit. (The heat up there is sweltering.)

As I spend the majority of my time vertical, naturally my body's runoff tends to collect in a certain area. It wouldn't be a problem if I could just pull 'em out and let 'em breathe every once in a while, but I work in a business that deals with the public, so that's a no-no. ( I envy News Anchors - I bet those bastards go pantsless all summer.)

There's no real solution to the problem except to grin and bear it. (I do go into the freezer from time to time - although I keep them tucked in, don't worry.) Boxers, briefs, it doesn't matter what you wear - nothing helps. I could go commando, but that's just nasty.

I guess I'm just not a summer guy - I never hear anyone else complain. But to be truthful, it's not something that us guys generally talk about with one another. So until the fall, I'll just suffer in silence.

Just be thankful I didn't post live footage.


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  1. You never hear anyone else complain about the summer? It'll cost you a timbit.