Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is It Wrong...

-That sometimes (just sometimes) when the Radio at work starts to play "Under Pressure" - I secretly wish they'd change it up and bust out with "Ice Ice Baby"?

I thought so.


Does this mean I have to turn in my music appreciation card?



  1. not pass go, go Directly to "My Musical Tatse sucks" and turn in your card. Upon turning in your card you will be given cd's from the following artists and you will like them ..cause you have no longer have the right to listen to anything cool.

    Celine Dion
    Bette Midler

  2. Nah, man, I think it's not wrong at all. Vanilla Ice is like comfort food -- it makes you feel good.

    But wait a sec: Remove all the crap that - he says - the networks made him do: the stupid clothes, the stupid 'back story' and probably the hair. What we have left is a white-style rapper who can actually dance the dance of the emerging era -- even if that evolving choreographed style did eventually beget line-dancing.

    The biggest riff in the whole song, too, is the bit pulled from U.P by Freddie and Queen. Is sampling some music anything new or different? Is that anything automatically objectionable? I submit that RvW (if that's his name) did what few remixers do, and what many wish they could do: take an homage piece to one song and make a song which someone occasionally wants to hear instead of the original. Besides the required sanctity of such a piece (hate the song, actually), what's the harm in building on it?

    I think that a lot of the resentment for vanilla ice stems on a few key points: the bizarre style of dress, the manufactured sham story for the street cred and the fact that someone took a sacred relic and made more art with it at the expense of the sanctity of the original.

    When you take away all that crap, we have a guy who can put together some words, throw out some energy and create music people occasionally enjoy. Some rhyming and selection talent with an energetic and classic delivery, really. Is that what people are hating? Can we look beyond the betrayal of learning he's a regular guy and maybe look toward the music?

    I haven't seen that much energy since Snap or some of MCYoung's groove, come to think of it. The current crop - distilled bravado and generated personas we now see in talentless hacks who can't spell their own name - seem to be all that Vanilla Ice was, but without even that much .. um .. talent. They're no-talent punks wanting to be Rapstar[tm]s. I'm talking about anyone who ever wore a grille or a stupid band-aid on their face, for starters.

    Enjoy the music you find, precisely because you like it. Even sacred cows die of age.

  3. Lunchbox - that has to be the classiest argument to an Internet statement that I have ever heard.

    Jobe - Just because every band isn't your favorite (Nickelback) doesn't mean you have to be such a hater.