Monday, July 23, 2007

The Scientific Method.

I sometimes wish I was a Scientist.
(Not Scientologist - let's not get them confused.)

I was reading Discover magazine today (Yea - I do read something other than Maxim and Stuff) and there was a guy who discovered a new type of bee. I can't spell the Latin term for it, but when spoken it sounds like "Theory of Relativity". I don't know exactly why he named it that, but I think it's cool. Scientists get to name shit whatever the hell they want. (Can't they call something "Alotta Vagina"?)

Take the VLT project. It's a telescopic array in Chile. VLT sounds very ambiguous and technical, so you assume it's something important. Bullshit. It means Very Large Telescope. Glad they are dumbing it down for the rest of us.

What I'm trying to say is that for the most part - I think that it's great that these people have a sense of humor. I think they'd be interesting to have coffee with. (Maybe iced coffee - chilled with liquid nitrogen!)

Whatever it is, I'm glad that the people who are trying to better mankind have a lighter side to them. I would hate for them all to be like my 8th grade Science Teacher - a miserable sumbitch if I ever met one. "Don't stick the thermometer in the Bunsen burner! What are you, an idiot?"

For your information I wanted to see how hot it really was.
For Science, of course.


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