Thursday, July 06, 2006

So Ronery

The world seems shocked that North Korea is testing Nuclear Weapons. What arrogance! What audacity!

Hello, did nobody see Team America?

I mean if Trey Parker and Matt Stone can figure out that Kim Jong-il is an evil son-of-a-bitch bent on world domination, then how can the U.S. security forces miss it?

Oh, yeah, right.

Most people figured that the supremely evil person in that movie was Alec Baldwin. I disagree - but not by much.

So what do you do now that they have fired off a couple of rockets? Slap them with a rolled up newspaper? Introduce sanctions and cut them off from the west? Uh, if they cared about being popular at the U.N. they would be in it.

I'm not sure what to do.
Maybe we could ask nice, see if that helps.

Or maybe we could trade them Alec Baldwin....



  1. Whoa now...shouldn't we also look at the missles they they are firing here. I really don't think that it's that much to get worried about right now. the missles that Kim"I am so Ronrey" jong-il is testing are the old scud missles that Saddam was using 15 years ago. And two of the missles didn't even work right and malfunctioned. I think the world is safe for now... but Baldwin IS still alive...he should be the real concern...

  2. Hmm. In the last 20 years, has NKorea invaded anything? Yeah, MrKim struts about and tries to rally his impoverished poor subjects, but has he actually been able to muster anything like an army? Aside from a bizarre world-view, is NKorea even a threat?

    Please now ask that of America.
    - bizarre outlook? Check.
    - invaded anyone lately? every 4 years, on average.
    - frighteningly aggressive warmongers led by corrupt megalomaniacs? You decide.

    Now who's GOT nukes and who's making demands about inspections?