Thursday, July 13, 2006


300 posts.

That's a lot of shit to be throwin' around.

If you go back and check, there are not many days when I didn't post something. (Don't bother checking, take my word for it.)
I'm not saying they are all solid gold, but at least most of them were worth putting out the effort to read.
Some nights it's so hard to come up with something to say, and other nights the thoughts trip over themselves trying to get out of my brain. I need a blog just for the shit I'm thinking of blogging.

I think self-censorship is the biggest thing. What can I say? I don't want this to get deeply personal, but at times it has. I'd prefer to shower you all with my irrepressible wit and charm, but it's tough to find something funny to say everyday. (Unless it's about the Sidekick's inability to use the Spellchecker. That shit never gets old.)

So here's to the next 300.
(It gets better with post 301.)


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