Monday, July 17, 2006

'Fo Shizzle.

I knew that George Bush was probably not the most formal man in international politics, but when I read this transcript of him and Tony Blair, I was amazed on a whole new level.

These two sound more like two teenagers talking about a piece of ass than world leaders discussing war in the Middle East.

I'd love to know who they are talking about in the later stages of the conversation, because being called "Sweet" by the U.S. President and "Honey" by the Prime Minister of England is quite the complement. It's obvious they are talking about a guy, but my first guess was Condoleezza Rice. They do seem concerned that her trip goes well. Must be nice to have two world leaders looking out for you. (See ladies? That's what you get when you put out on a regular basis.)

The headline tries to grab your attention by suggesting the shocking fact that George Bush said the word shit. What's the surprise? He causes and steps in so much of it, there should be no wonder that he says it from time to time.

Thank God they didn't put a microphone near Stephen Harper. The panting and moaning sounds he makes while he humps Georgie's leg would be embarrassing for us Canadians to hear.


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  1. I don't reall need to go into my dislike for this guy. He is an imbecile. But I thought I would share a video of said mishap...fuckin can be found here....