Friday, July 14, 2006

Same Shit, Different Pile.

There are two newspapers that are dropped off at my house twice a week.

They get delivered on the same days (Wednesday & Friday) and are clones of each other.
So on these glorious days, I awake to find my mailbox crammed full of newspapers, fliers, and whatever other thing they've decided to shove in this week. (Crammed may be an exaggeration for two newspapers, but it's a small mailbox.)

The only variation between these two publications is who they are produced by and what advertisements are in them. Some of the photos may be from a slightly different perspective, or what is on the top of the page in one may be on the bottom in another, but they have the exact same news. They don't even try to change it up a bit.

Why the same day every week? Why doesn't one of these publishing giants come out with a Monday edition? Is it too much to ask? The crazy thing is that if something important ever happens in this area on a Friday evening, you can't read about it until almost a week later.
Wouldn't it be great to find out I won the lottery, and was working for a week when I didn't have to.

Normally what I do is read one paper, skim the other on the off chance there is something the first didn't have (Rarely happens), and just go through the fliers once I'm done. (Future Shop first. Always.)

This makes one of the papers completely redundant. If I had a wood stove I would burn it, but I don't, so I lug it out to the recycling area when the pile gets too unmanageable. (Come to think of it, these publishers should be happy I just don't throw that shit in the trash.)

Something is wrong here.
If you can point to the hometown's amazingly high literacy rate, I may grant you the need for two newspapers. But otherwise, lets just trim the fat to one.

Besides, you can just Google everything else, right?


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  1. If you're receiving both papers, you must be getting the one with the 9th-grade grammar -- and I don't mean the 9th-grade honours students. I salute your ability to actually skim that paper without tearing it into little pieces in frustration.

    And I mean /little/ pieces.