Sunday, July 09, 2006

Funnier Last Month.

I've been spying on all of you.

I have a counter on the site, so I can see if my worldwide dominance has come to fruition yet.
It's great to see that people from Malaysia, Thailand, and the U.K. check out this little piece of Internet real estate on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, less people are realizing exactly how funny I am.
I'm losing readers. The numbers are down.
Sweeps week was not kind, I guess.

What's a guy got to do to get an increase around here?
Don't go thinking I'll actually preform a service or anything.
That's not what you come here for.

I'll admit, this place has no real purpose other than giving me a spot to preach my twisted outlook on the world, but it's somewhat nice to think that other people possibly give a shit as to what I have to say. Or they at least want to laugh at my idiocy. (I'll take either, I'm not picky.)

The sad thing is that if I had erotic literature or naked midget porn this place would get a lot more traffic. But I can't write worth shit, and midgets are scarce in this area so I'll have to stick with what I've been doing.

Unless I can bait a midget trap in the back yard...


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  1. its much easier to stay up on things when it is shittier outside.
    Better Weather
    Less Attention to you.