Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Real Woodsman.

Tonight The Boy and I will undertake our greatest adventure together: Camping.

The thrill of the outdoors, the stillness of mother nature surrounding you, the bonding between a father and son that can only happen with s'mores over a campfire.

But since it's his first time camping, it'll be in the backyard instead of the wilderness. Still, being outdoors and enjoying the experience will be great for both of us. Real men - roughing it the way Mother Nature intended.

But since I don't have a tent, we'll be camping out in the living room. We'll be in a fort made from bedsheets, watching videos all night while eating popcorn. It'll feel like outdoors 'cause I'll shut the lights off, leave a window open, and only use flashlights to go back and forth to the bathroom.

Parental bonding without having to shit in the bushes? I'm all for it.

So until I get a tent, or figure out which tree to plug the DVD player into, this will be camping.

Microwaved s'mores, anyone?


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