Friday, July 21, 2006

Beaten To The Punch.

I was going to post about the heat.

But the Sidekick already did.

I was going to post about this movie I really want to see.

But Bish already did. (He actually got to see it too, the fucker. With a ticket from my "evil" twin brother, no less!)

It sucks to have your ideas ripped from your mind like that.

As the Sidekick said, it was hot today. Coming up with ideas to talk about is hard to do, even more so when your brain is melting and starting to run out your ears. (That made me about as bright as my average customer today.)
But what can I do?
I'm the last to post for the day.

Like the guy who gets to the break-room just after the last donut is gone...
Or the person who arrives after the last free beer is gone...

It blows to come in last.
(I'm not even going to make any sexual connotations about that last comment. It's wide open for it, but I think I'll try to contain myself.)


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