Monday, July 10, 2006

Questionable Viewing.

I hate to admit it, but during the World Cup, I actually watched a couple of games.

Is something wrong with me?

I didn't watch the whole game every time, but if I was surfing through the channels and came across one, I was glued to the set for about half an hour.
The strange thing? I hate soccer.

I've never really had a taste for it.
I played as a child, but hockey was more violent and exciting. I admire the stamina of any man who can run around for 90 minutes without collapsing, so I'll admit it is fascinating on a physical level. However the game is usually so boring that I can't stand to watch it. The only sport more useless on T.V. is Golf. Or Nascar.

Someone has to explain the fascination of this game to me. I'm convinced that the matches I watched were abnormalities. They were only exciting to watch because of the importance of the matches. I don't think I could watch soccer on a regular basis without slipping into a coma.

And even then, I'm in danger of being head-butted by a crazy Frenchman.



  1. I'm not crazy, and I'm only a tiny bit French.

  2. The games you watched were not out of the norm my friend. I too hate soccer but I think it stems from ignornace and not knowing the ins and outs of the game. I also did find myself watching a game here or there. (The World Cup completely srewed up my afternoon Poker watching schedule, so something had to fill the gap)I can't explain it, but I guess to Europe our love of hockey seems weird. The love of soccer by millions will have to go down as a mystery right along side the career and succses of Carrot top and Pauley Shore....