Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rotten To The Core.

I've been told I eat apples in a strange way.

I've been eating a lot more fruit for lunch and snacks at work lately, and apples are a major part of that group for me. They are something I've eaten since my childhood, comforting and familiar, tasty and nutritious. They are a "safe" fruit, in my opinion, you always know what to expect when you eat them.

But I'm veering off topic.

You see the thing people find strange is that I eat my apples with a knife.

Like the rugged bad-ass that I am, I carve a chunk off, stab it with the tip, and eat it right off the blade. Sure, if I wasn't careful I could lose an eye, but then I'd just look like Snake Plissken eating an apple. I think the sheer coolness of it is what bothers people.

(Truth is, I hate getting apple skin caught between my teeth. This way, it's very little biting of the skin, and more juicy apple. Sure - I could peel the apple and then eat it, but c'mon, do I look gay?)

And if anyone bugs me about it? Well - I am holding a knife. The loss of an eye will deter anyone from commenting further on my fruit enjoyment habits.

I forsee a rise in the use of eye patches.


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