Saturday, July 22, 2006


You know what pisses me off?

(Of course you do. If you are a regular reader, you pretty much know exactly what pisses me off. But that's neither here nor there, and takes away from what I was trying to say.)

I started watching a movie on T.V. when I got home.
It was Gladiator. I don't own it on DVD, so decided to invest my time and give it a shot, as it's one of those movies that I like but just never made the time to pick it up.

I had to turn it off.

What's the point in showing a violent movie about gladiators, if you are going to (badly) edit out all the violence.? I have no problem with watching unedited movies later on at night, but why show something that has to be bleeped and butchered to be presentable for the public? Is it not enough just to warn of these items like almost every other channel?

If it was good editing, I would probably not have noticed. But I think they had a guy with an itchy finger doing the work tonight. I think he had a seizure during some of the battle scenes.

What were my other choices? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? On TBS? Oh yeah, that would have gone great. My favorite line surely would have stayed in the movie ( "Look at these morose motherfuckers right here." - just in case you are wondering.) And TBS is worse than the CBC for editing their movies. Once again, what is the point of showing a movie when you edit or change half of the content?

The DVD industry will never be threatened by TV's weak-ass showing of movies.

If it ever comes to that, someone shoot me first.


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  1. These are exactly the reaso I DO NOT watch good movies on T.V....fucking censors..Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck(to quote Eric Cartman)...censor that bitches...