Saturday, July 15, 2006

Red Shirt.

In every-one's life, there are people who are Red Shirts.

You know the ones I'm talking about.
The expendable guys who go down to the dangerous planet with Kirk & Spock and get turned into a cube or a pile of dust. Their only reason for existence was to keep a seat warm on the shuttle down.

I'm not saying all of us have sacrificed another's life just so Shatner could chew the scenery, but there are those people who are just background noise, just extras walking by your stage of life. People whose misfortunes just further our own life, or at least add an interesting twist to it.

That guy, who did that thing at that party once, and you tell everyone the story when you're drunk? - Red Shirt.

The shitty co-worker you have, who you can complain about to everyone else you work with? - Red Shirt.

The guy you used to hang with in high school until he did something completely retarded? - Red Shirt.

We should stop and thank these people sometime.
Just like Shatner probably thanked the rest of the cast before he went to his trailer for Hookers & Booze, we should thank the extras in our own life.

So next time someone walks by you in a horrendous outfit, or a strange fuckin' haircut, make sure to say "Thanks, you've given me something funny to tell others later." I know they will appreciate it.

And if they are wearing a red shirt?
Then they already know.


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