Thursday, December 01, 2011

Movember to Remember.

Here's a picture of my Movember Mustache on the last day of the Month:

Note: Fire in back not fueled by kittens.

Majestic, wasn't it?

The Ginger-stache going to white from the corners on down - you can't plan that. with the brown hair, strawberry 'stache tapering to white ends, my head looked like a living bucket of Neopolitain Ice Cream.:


While I think I looked like a younger, less grizzled version of Sam Elliot:

From Tombstone - my man-crush western.

..I don't think everyone else saw it that way. Their loss.

But now Movember is over - the 'stache has to go. I'm not sure of the money we raised at work - that still has to be tallied and handed in - but we've already decided that next year we are going to go all out and try and get really creative with our effort. After all, if you can't have fun while telling people to get their ass checked, what's the point?

So if you'll just excuse me for a second, I'll go shave - and then have to put up with all the people who will want to touch my baby-smooth skin....

Compared to this, a baby's ass is like steel wool.

The things I do for charity (and my prostate.)



  1. I'm sure if it's the difference of a shot from one side to the other, but you look like a completely different person minus the stache.

    Good for you for participating in no shave november! Hooray!

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    The guys and I were talking and have decided that since we did regular 'staches this year, next year we'll go 1800's style and wax 'em.
    We'll see....