Friday, December 02, 2011

I Feel:

-That December would be a better month if it was condensed into 2 weeks. We've been putting up with all the Christmas shit since November 1st, why prolong the agony?

- That there's a special place in hell for the radio DJ that plays "I don't like Mondays" on a Friday afternoon - right with the asshole who plays "Workin' for the Weekend" on a Monday.

- That after a long run, chocolate milk is the greatest beverage ever - and I'm saying that as a runner, not as a guy who sells Dairy products for a living.

- That the potential of having morning sex is greatly increased after the kids go to school. (Having them knocking on the door mid-coitus is a turn-off.)

- That there are many questions I get asked everyday, and next to "Can I use your bathroom?" it's "Where's the Shake 'n Bake?". - I pray to God the two are not related.

- That no matter what Maroon 5 says, I don't want to move like Jagger - Mick Jagger always looked like an epileptic stickman.

- That the only way I could accomplish every thing I want to in a day would be if I invented a time machine or lived on Neptune.

- That either one of those things would be really bitchin'. (Yeah - I said bitchin' - I was a teenager in 1985, I'm allowed to.)

- That because both the kids are having their Birthday Party tomorrow, I know that by 3pm, I'm going to be unwrapping a Gin & Tonic just to stay sane.


1 comment:

  1. ah, but I like to dance like Jagger in front of my teenagers' friends - or not, if they behave ;)