Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me vs Christmas.

Today is the day.

With this being my only day off work before Christmas, today is my one chance to wrap up all my shopping. It's not like I have a ton to do - the Wife has taken care of the kids and her family - so I just have to get her stuff, some things for my side of the family, and, of course, The Sidekick.

I could have taken care of some of these things earlier, but I chose not to. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I have one theory:
  • Go with your first instinct - if you leave it until the last minute, then you don't have any time to second guess yourself.
My only addendum would be to make use of gift-wrapping services whenever possible. You know those people who get a glass of wine and plop down in front of It's a Wonderful Life and wrap presents? That's not me. My wrapping skills are so sub-par that the addition of alcohol would only lead to even bigger disasters - seriously, I'm that bad.
Picture this - but not as good.

I'm the guy who thinks gift bags with that crinkly paper on top is the greatest thing ever - no fuss, no muss, and the double use of pulp products (paper + bag) keep the forestry industry rolling. And the recipient can even reuse the bag if they so desire - it's like another gift in itself, right?

So after I wrap this up, I'm free and clear to enjoy the holiday -and all the craziness that goes along with it. Thank God for gin and coffee. (Not mixed together.)

So I'm off to brave the trenches of retail hell in a small town - where the parking is minimal, the lines are long, and the service is surly.

Wish me luck.



  1. I don't have any money for gifts this year, but I'm thinking about wrapping up some useless items and giving them to my family.

  2. UPDATE: I'm done!

    It was close, and I was tempted to use THE INTERNET's suggestion ("It's a hammer, Grandma!"), but I was able to pull it off.

    And I only have to wrap one present, too....has anyone seen the duct tape?


  3. I've spent the past 2.25 hours wrapping ALL of the gifts. My lower back hates me.

    HATES me.

  4. Im honestly not giving anything for christmas, but maybe ill make some stuff or something.
    Keep blogging:)