Thursday, December 08, 2011

Circadian Rythm.

I've changed when I go to the gym recently.

Due to the way my work schedule was, I was going after the kids went to school and just before work. This worked well, but due to work/social/family stuff, I've had to revert back to the wee hours of the morning.

That means by the middle of the day, I'm really fucking tired. I was at home on my dinner break (4 to 5 pm. Working the late shift, yo.) and felt like I could have just laid on the couch and been comatose in minutes.

But now (and when I get home) I'll be wide awake. I know I'm going to have a bitch of a time falling asleep - and since both I and the Wife work tomorrow, my only time to run is going to be 5:30am - 6 at the latest.

That means another day of being tired halfway through and wide awake at the end.

I'm not a fan of taking medication for sleep (and don't have any anyway), but I'm guessing I might just have to treat myself to a NyQuil cocktail before I go to bed.

Or maybe Red Wine & Eggnog - word on the street is it's a bitchin' combination.

We'll see. Wish me luck.


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  1. Red Wine & Eggnog ... a rookie mistake! Avoid it at all costs!